Aspesi Store Milan



We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Aspesi boutique in the heart of Milan on Via St Pietro All’Orto 24.

“This flagship store represents the Aspesi attitude at its best,” says C.E.O. Fabio Gnocchi, “The store concept embodies endless evolution and pursuit of contemporary design, while staying true to our signature no-logo elegance.”

The 600 square meter location has three windows facing the streets, plus six on the first floor. Menswear is located on the ground floor, while the women’s collection is displayed upstairs.

Aspesi took what used to be a bank and turned it into the perfect space to experience a new aesthetic, starting from unconventional building references developed by Dordoni Archtetti Studio to express the brand’s passionate research and unpredictable, quintessentially chic style.

Within the shop, there is an unexpected mix of materials, from industrial PVC, to fiberglass and plexiglass matched with iron, wood and inlaid stone complemented by outdoor finishings.

Grey lime plaster plays with with shades of pale pink, sage green and ochre on the walls, thus creating atmosphere that is at once relaxing and exciting. Walking through the ground floor, costumers come across an inner courtyard topped with a concrete parapet - granting privacy to the women’s area above. The skylight offers a pleasant view of the surrounding buildings and lets the sunlight filter in, while the indoor lights obtain a natural effect.

The store becomes a meeting point, a contemporary agora where clients may discover products and the endless connection between nature and the city, especially thanks to “Lemorian Morning Wood,” the magnificent and oversized picture by American photographer David Benjamin Sherry, flanking the main front staircase which is composed of stone and wood. A second stairway is decorated with yellow curved lines and can be used to go back downstairs to complete the shop tour.

Dressing rooms are comfortably spacious and cosy, with a delightful cocoon effect. They are made with a mix of wood, iron and fabric, the latter with the prints for the men’s floor, and with a délabré floral brocade for the women’s ones. The costumer care area is well secluded thanks to electric blue PVC fringe, which also features in yellow on the back of the first floor windows.

For the opening, Aspesi materials, which undergo a reinterpretation and create a new image for the brand. Entitled “Retouches,” the installation will be on display through March.