Backstage Annakiki AW19: "You’re beautiful", "Not perfect", "Forget the rules"

@ Milan Fashion Week 2019
A/W 19

photographed by Bei Gong (@b_e_iiiiii)

On the occasion of her fifth runway show for Milan Fashion Week, creative director Anna Yang presents ANNAKIKI in a disruptive dimension, with the goal of redefining the strict and stereotypical aesthetical standard of femininity imposed by media. Nowadays teenagers are exposed to media for an average of 10 hours and 45 minutes a day, receiving by most of them the message that the value of a woman depends on her appearance that must be perfect. This is why women feel constantly judged, as explained in the documentary “Miss Representation”.  

“You’re beautiful”“Not perfect”“Forget the rules” are some of the slogans that Anna Yang printed on many items of this collection, to inspire young girls and help them developing self confidence and become stronger. ANNAKIKI embraces real beauty, made of details that from imperfection become a treasure, like for the model who opened the show, Maeva GianiMarshall with her amazing freckles, result of a recovery treatment. The collection Embrace Imperfection through its energy radiateda vibrant atmosphere in the historical industrial building, chosenas a background for the show. 


The collection breaks into these monotonous aesthetics through a daring and captivating use of colors, from flaming red and camel to fluorescent green and ash grey, from to orange toviolet, from shiny blue to black. The exploration of this new dimensions of femininity is experienced with endless experimentation of materials and representative of Anna herself: ruffles on vinyl, translucent surfaces matching plush fabrics, denim covered by dazzling details. The asymmetric structures, the contrasts between soft lines and hard cuts and interactions of winding and oversize designs, all come back as distinctive elements of the brand. But this time they are conceived with a new purpose: the exaltation of a spontaneous, free and necessarily heterogeneous beauty. ANNAKIKI renders imperfections on fabrics, made irregular and precious at the same time by holes and handmade three-dimensional embroidery, while catchy animal textures recreate the idea of a pure and not artificial beauty. 

Anna Yang wants to stress the idea that perfection can be found in imperfection, flaws and weakness too, so none of us should hide them but on the contrary we all should be confident and positive about the way we look.

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