French Fries meets rapper Aly Bass

“It is not that if you are coming from the streets, you can not have taste and style”

As 2019 approaches, we catch up with rapper Aly Bass to discuss her future, her influences,

her ambitions and how she came to develop her unique visuals and music.

The video for her latest single “97” finds the singer in an apartment with an old lady dressed in pink.

What begins as an afternoon tea evolves into an after-hours fantasy. As exaggerated and playful as the

video is, it’s not difficult to imagine a similar scenario playing out in real life when one of Aly Bass songs comes on.

When you hear “97” it is hard not to start dancing. In fact, it’s impossible not to.

Editorial Pressure Paris

French Fries magazine

 What inspired the idea of “’97”?

The song itself came as a projection of the real life. It is a story about me. “Gradma” gives quality product and gets back to

basics and tells some truth.

I knew I wanted to create a visual for “97” that mirrored its playfulness and could just be something that just says it as it is.  

I naturally want to be provocative.

     What is it like being an artist in Paris at the moment? Have you always  liked rap music,

how did you get into it?

It is actually nice because rap music gets more and more appreciated it here.

I liked rap music as far I remember. I was rapping on Eminen songs  when I was ten.  When I hit my early teen, I definitely expanded and started exploring more. It wasn’t until four years ago that I started doing music with some local rappers. 



  What do you enjoy the most about singing?

I am not good at talking with others. The best part of singing is that I say what I want to say. So I feel better after.

 What has been the most valuable advise you received as a performer?  Or the most

 important lesson you learned?

Say what your soul sounds like. And I always keep that in mind.

   What are your goals for the future as an artist?

    I ultimately want to share albums and do live shows that I myself am proud of, making sure I grow each time. I want to always have the mindset that each body of work will be my best to date but I can always do more. Being my most authentic self through this whole process is the most important thing.


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