BEA 1991 launches debut album Brand New Adult

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The Amsterdam based artist and polymath BEA1991 announces her forthcoming debut

album ‘Brand New Adult’ and shares single ‘ Did You Feel Me Slip Away?’.

Brand New Adult was recorded between London, Amsterdam and New York & was co-produced

between BEA1991, Liam Howe and Benny Sings with contributions from Dev Hynes. The LP

encourages a unique autonomy of interpretation, enabling the listener to morph their own lived

experiences on to the record, offering a malleable affect to those who want it.

Swaying softly around the edges of pop, shoe-gaze and bedroom R&B the album rounds up to

ten tracks that could easily blend into one soothing sonic experience. On lead single ‘D id You

Feel Me Slip Away?’ which features Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange performing on bass,

BE A1991 refers to that point in time where you need to use anger as a tool to move on.

BEA1991 explains:

“If you’ve ever felt underestimated, you’ll take responsibility for the potential of it recurring,

making yourself clear to others before something goes pear-shaped. In the process of this

clash, at the time, I was sad to feel that I wasn’t being missed, only resented. Hence the title.”

The single follows the short documentary by Jona Honer which Bea stars in as well as

soundtracks with My Own Heaven , also on her forthcoming LP, Brand New Adult .

The title, Brand New Adult, hints to Bea’s tongue in cheek nature with the name referencing

ultimate comedy cynic Kurt Vonnegut. Dwelling on adulthood, is there no point of no return?

Can we ever be new again? Once you’re an adult do you stay one? And who decides?


Watch My Own Heaven directed by Joan Honer

Follow Bea1991 on instagram @bea.1991

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