“I design for the strong, confident and unapologetically sexy woman regardless of her size.”


Chloe Nezianya, 23, Liverpool born fashion design Womenswear graduate from

Kingston School of Art with a focus on plus-size bodies and their relationship with the

luxury fashion sector. Championing diversity by using models of varying sizes, ethnicities

and ages.

My frustration comes from a distinct lack of luxury fashion houses and brands that do

not use their influence to dress marginalized bodies to perpetuate the idea that other

bodies exist outside of the “straight-size” realm.

French Fries magazine

I believe that women can form their identities through fashion, but for the bigger

woman, it is especially challenging to break from the conservative and uncreative

dressing that we have become accustomed to. I believe that women should not have to

compromise comfort over style, and in order to do this, designers must take the

responsibility to consider how to empower women through dress.

French Fries magazine

My research is based on Amazonian goddesses and warriors, taking inspiration from th

e drapes worn by the big, statuesque women that have been depicted in mythological

and historical imagery. The research and concept sees the plus-size woman as the large

and proud woman that demands adornment. Using various weights of power mesh and

lace to stretch and drape of the contours of the body, the wearer can feel the comfort

of the stretch fabrics and the luxury of the drape. The collection embroidery sponsored

by Swarovski.

French Fries magazine
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